Organic Fruit and Vegetables vs. Regular Fruit and Vegetables

Organic Fruit and Vegetables vs. Regular Fruit and Vegetables

Organic fruit and vegetables are gaining popularity in today’s world. A lot of people are giving up their usual farm produce and opting for foods that have been growing naturally, and fruits and vegetables are the most in demand here. So, should you give up your regular groceries and move on to these organic versions too? Here is what you should know.

Organic fruit and vegetables are those that are developed in a completely organic way. This means, these foods are grown in fields which aren’t treated with chemicals in any way. Synthetic fertilizers are not used in these fields. Similarly, these fields are not treated with chemical pesticides, bactericides, fungicides, germicides or any other kind of synthetic substances. Complete care is taken to keep these fruits and vegetables away from coming in contact with chemicals. Even the water that is supplied to these fields is completely pure and devoid of any industrial runoffs or chemical wastes that may be the case with the irrigation water in usual fields.

So, are organic fruits and vegetables better than regular ones? Here are some advantages that you should know about these foods:-

1. Since these foods are completely devoid of synthetic chemicals, they are much safer for the people consuming them. The synthetic additions in usual foods can trigger allergies in some people and reduce their immunity in the long run. Health experts vouch for the benefits of food that is developed in such an entirely natural way.

2. Some people also claim that the fruits that are prepared organically taste better than other fruits and vegetables that are developed with the addition of chemical substances. When developed organically, the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables remain intact. Also, fruits and vegetables that are developed with chemical additives may have a watered down taste. This happens because the chemicals make the organic substances absorb more water from the soil, thus marring their taste. Organic fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, grow in harmony with nature and hence they preserve their taste.

3. An indirect benefit of using only organic fruits and vegetables is that it leads to water conservation. Traditional methods of farming include addition of several chemical substances to the soil, which then enter the water and spoil its quality. Over time, this can pose a grave danger to the environment. However, if the world were to shift towards using completely organic methods for agriculture, this kind of unnatural addition to water would be avoided and help in water conservation.

4. In preparing organic fruits and vegetables, absolutely no genetic engineering is permitted. Hence, these fruits and vegetables are as pure and natural as they can get, without any kind of modification or alteration.

These are the reasons why people feel that organic fruits and vegetables are better than their conventional counterparts. Even though the completely organic processes employed in their development culminate in making these foods a tad bit more expensive, people who are conscious of the environment don’t mind the extra buck they need to pay as long as they feel they are doing something constructive for the environment.

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